Alternate Universe Shenanigans

Date: 6/21/2017

By drunchee

All my classmates are inside a computer lab, watched over by a very cheerful Mr. Gable. The computer room is like Mr. Pumphry's old room. Me and Marcos use drawing software to create funny/gross imagery, his being a fleshy blob of faces including Brody and his. Mine was just of me. Mr Geebs then shows all of us a video his grandson is in. It was kind of funny but not really, so me and Marcos sorta fake laugh. He lets us loose outside after all of us watch a few more funny videos. Now Me and Marcos are at a playground and TONS of people are here. Allison and her Bernie friend group, Garrett, Adalia and her ultra cool gals, etc. There's this HUGE festival going on, like a day long event held outside the school. During day time, a few noteable things happened. For starters, Allie was for some reason mad at me, and instead of talking to ME kept talking to Marcos. She kept avoiding my gaze. Her Bernie friend group friends followed pursuit, avoiding me as well. I attempt to shrug it off. A movie starts playing on a white tarp, like at a drive thru movie, except the projection and tarp are so far away and super high up on this distant building; so from the playground, unless you're in a super special position, you can't see the movie. Adalia comes over and I make a joke to her. She completely shuts me down. Her and Meghan then complain about not being able to see. Me and Mrc get up from our spot on the climbing poles and go to this playset tower. Before nightfalls, Allison tells Marcos to meet her under a play set. Marcos isn't happy about it. She tells him something and I eavesdrop so she just tells me too. The whole reason she was mad at me was cuz she was worried I'd eat her krill. Apparently it was whale season, and she didn't want me to eat all their food. Or maybe she was half whale, I don't know. Either way I promised I wouldn't because I don't like krill plankton or shrimp, and she and I were fine after that. Me and Marcos then left the Bernie Friend Groups location after me and Allie made up, whilst singing The Black Parade in unison. It was good but a little cringy. When night fell, things got weird. The festival was still in full swing, though I think Allison went home by now. Me and Marcos kept returning to this one spot. It was partially underneath some small bleachers that a ton of people were sitting on, mostly adults. Unlike the day time half of the festival; adults were now here. I guess a soccer game or something was playing out infront of them but I don't know. Anyhow, under the bleachers we have to crawl, and we position ourselves on either side of these moveable mini steps, lay down, and talk. In my head I think "this is what Harold and George used to do in Captain Underpants." But that's not true, they never used to lay down on either side of some steps under the bleachers at a festival with adults above them. Me and Marc kept doing this, then getting out, then doing it again but with more struggle/differently. At one point, I shoved the steps onto him, completely crushing him. We both laughed about it. The whole time, however, we were constantly scared about being found by this guy. Like a teacher. But in my head I think of him as Benson and us as Mordecai and Rigsby. As a joke, I play a sound clip of Mordecai saying "go!" when me and Mrc are about to run from our hideout. We return to the hideout continuously, until Marcos magically becomes Garrett, and the whole outside world becomes a cartoon Captain Underpants, but in the future. Cops use dogs as transportation, robots are everywhere. It's chaos. Me and Garrett (who used to be Marcos, but dreams have no logic!) explore the landscape. The neighborhood is a lot like Fremont. Billy and Mandy characters seem to be prominent in this new universe. There's this robot made of some weird yellow alloy that helps these Billy and Mandy looking characters out of Hades. But after some fabled "Armageddon", the robot eats the Billy kid's legs off. I guess cosmic rules changed after the apocalypse. The last thing I remember is me and Garrett seeing this cartoon Billy looking character with no legs, but instead, two thin strips of brown that the Mandy-look-alike calls animal legs. What the actual FUCK??!