Date: 4/26/2017

By Noriama

I walk into school with some of my friends. We have proof that aliens exist and, for some reason, wanted to show our principle. He freaked out more than he should have, and not in a good way. He tried to shut us up by constantly sending us to his office. At first it was individually, but then called all of us down in the middle of an assembly (so the other students would be distracted). Tyler pulls a gun out of his bag and hides it in his leather coat because he speculates there will be a bag search. Indeed there was and I had Midol in my bag, which was contraband. The principle acts quite smug because he found a way to get me in trouble. He sends me home and I go up to my room. It is now dark outside and the only light is the moon. A police car pulls up and a cop jumps out and jogs to our door. I woke up when the doorbell rang.