Val's Christmas lights

Date: 5/29/2017

By Purple

I was at Val's house, and it's spring time. I was on a ladder, supposedly to help remove the lights from the front, protruding part of the house that is triangular, and likely the attic. (Val's house in the waking world does not look like this at all.) I asked Val why doesn't her husband do this? She said she didn't know, and he was busy doing something else, so she's glad he's out of her way. Val was on the inside of her house, like in a hallway, but not on the second floor with the bedrooms and not by the attic. I had one foot on the ladder and one on the house. I was losing my footing and asked Val to help adjust the ladder. We spoke about other things, like how Val hated the boots I wear in the winter time. I'm a girl and I wear black construction boots. I told her they keep my feet warm and dry, and anyway, we aren't in winter any more, and by the way, my footing is getting scarier by the minute, and can she please get some help! Ack! There were three teenage boys on the street. I said to ask them. I was afraid to turn around for fear of totally falling off the ladder. Val called them to help me out, and then the dream ended.