Rape baby (this ones fucking weird)

Date: 8/1/2017

By KilgoreTrout

My dream was episodic. The main dream started as me in a school type building with my mom, dad, Mrs. Tara, and a bunch of people I didn't know in real life, but I knew them all by name in my dream. Anyways... in the dream I saw a small person with long yellow arms and legs with a red belt and red hat and flat plastic hearts for hands. The hands were yellow and red too (I'll call him Monster for this explanation). I was just talking with random people when the monster wrapped its hand around me and tried to pull me away. No one was even trying to help me, so I started hitting him and kicking him to get him off of me. He left after a little while. I looked at my arms and wrists after he left and my arms were bruised and swollen from my hitting him, and I had four gashes on my wrist from where the thing grabbed me (even though he had no fingers). I looked down the hallway I was in after that to see the thing take a boy and a girl around a corner. While I was watching, the girl came back around the corner calmly like nothing happened, but the monster grabbed her and pulled her back. I saw the monster finish with them and head back towards me, so I ran into another room and hid behind a desk, but when I looked up to see if he had seen me. I saw the boy and girl and the monster. Since the monster saw me too he pulled me out and tried to get me again but I kicked and punched then finally cut off one of his legs. There wasn't a bloody mess or anything. Then I ran to my mom so she would help me, but she kept talking to Mrs. Tara and ignored me. When I looked at the monster again he was a baby trying to stand up with only one leg. His leg grew back though and he stood up again. Then I flashed to another dream. My dad and mom were dropping me off at Anna Grace's grandfathers house. I was holding my guinea pig Lenny in the car but he was the size of a hamster. I gave him to my mom in his food bowl and went into the house. I sat on a couch next to her grandfather and across from a guy I didn't know. The kid who plays Fletcher in ANT Farm was sitting next to me playing the old GameBoy. I started wrapping packs of gum and pieces of candy in wrapping paper and putting them into a green bag that said Holidays. After that I flashed to another dream where I was helping track down four cars of people we knew. I kept seeing visions from the tracking room, and where the four cars were all parked in a square with purple cords connecting them all. I went up to the white one and knocked on the window to get their attention, but they didn't recognize me so I let the person who was with me knock and they did recognize him. That's all I remember before I woke up.