Dangerous Forces

Date: 4/28/2017

By biscuit

I was in a house where they had a pet turtle that was missing its back half, so they took a rolling vacuum head and used it to make a new back half for the turtle. The aunt who had lived in this house before had seen things. Mysterious, unexplainable things. She read on the internet that sometimes, very rarely, people would begin to glow a blinding white for no reason. The light was rumored to be so bright that anyone who saw it would go insane because it was just impossible to process how bright this thing was. The only thing to do at these times was to close your eyes and kill the glowing person. She kept a syringe of sodium benthonate on her person at all times for this reason. One day she was about ready to get rid of her syringe and stop looking for glowing beings, but as she thought that, her cat started to glow. Before she could reach full brightness, the aunt shoved the syringe barrel-deep into the cat and killed it. After I learned this, I think someone had started to glow like that. I was somehow involved in a British TV show that had different people on each week. I managed to get into the same episode as the McElroys, but this episode was all about bathrooms. I guess in Great Britain it's commonplace to all sit in the same bathroom together, so that's what we were doing. The toilets were very comfy and they reclined and stuff, like dentist's chairs with a hole. So everyone in the room was messing around with the chairs the whole time, especially Travis. Also it was possible to use these without pulling your pants down. Halfway through this experience, Griffin brought in a bunch of children. He had each one of them sit on someone's lap, which was really uncomfortable. I looked up to see a dark-haired kid backing towards me in the kerfuffle, and I pushed him over. I immediately felt horrible and a little racist, so I helped him up. He didn't notice I had pushed him, so he sat on my lap. That's when I got a good look at him. He had two sets of eyes (one may have been painted on), two sets of ears (one human shaped with abnormal hooklike soft growths coming off the tips, one more elf or animal shaped, below and behind the first set), a sunken forehead with a raised ring of flesh, and a thick unibrow. He looked like he could skillfully wield dark magics, and I was a little terrified of him. He said his name was Darkness in a strange accent, and I introduced myself too. I think he left after that, but I feel like he did say something, like "death comes swiftly" or something. I woke up after that.