Date: 2/16/2017

By CreepyLexi13

In this dream, i had a friend and something happened where she had to kill this guy. Then his whole family went after her. He had two sons. The first and older son, she tricked and shot in the head until he basically didn't have a head. If i remember correctly he put one bullet in a 6 bullet revolver and made it so he didn't know where it was. I don't know if he did this so she didn't know when it was coming or if he would feel guilty or what. So when she killed him the younger son went after her. He was small but you could see the pain and ruthlessness in his expression. When she went to kill him, for some reason they kind of came to a tie and no one won. Even through all this she was my best friend. We were laying in bed and talking about something then for some reason i got up and hid on the side of the bed. (the bed was in the middle of the room with the head board against the wall. I hid on the side of the bed away from the door) and then the young son came in and walked right over to me as if he knew where i was and shot me right in the chest. I could (and still can 20 mins later) feel the pain in my chest. When it happened i could feel my body go limp and my breathing slowed down as much as it could to keep me alive for real. I didn't wake up with a start. I just slowly came to the realization that i could just wake up. I've never died in a dream before.