Missed the bus and everyone hates me :(

Date: 7/6/2017

By ThatGirl__

I was at school doing some work and I got behind so I had to do the rest at home. I walked out of school to see a lot of busses. I heard people saying "what where is our bus?" I also couldn't find mine. 'Have I missed it?' I thought. No I hadn't because others that were on my bus were not on yet too. I found mu bus finally and called the others over. I then got on the bus and told the bus driver there were still some that are not on the bus so we need to wait longer. While waiting I can't remember but I said some pretty mean things and that while I was sitting next to my friend and to prove a joke i walked off the bus. After that I turned around and saw my friend that I was mean to screamed at the bus driver "SHUT THE DOOR SO SHE DOESNT GET BACK IN!" No one seemed to care so no one said anything so the bus driver slowly shut the door. I put my hand though stopping it. I was so pissed off but more disappointed in myself then anything. I felt really bad. I then walked on the bus and everyone looked at me in silence. I walked over to the friend I was sitting next to. I tried to act normal but ended up looking very mean instead just like I didn't care whatsoever when I really did care I wanted to say sorry and make it look like I really was! But instead when I walked past my friend I grabbed her on the arm smiled and said 'haha sorry bout that" she looked at me not like she care what I had to say. I just kept walking and found a seat. Someone how I got kicked off the bus anyway I can't remember but I was standing there comparing myself to all the other girls and how they are so nice and people respect them. I don't find myself such a mean person but I've always been so hard on myself now when I think about it. Then I saw my friend Tahnee come off the bus. I ran into her arms crying. "Did you get off just to come back for me!?" She smiled "of course I did silly!!!" I smiled "I'm sorry" Tahnee was the only one I didn't talk to on the bus so she came to help me!! I was walking with her and talking about how we were going to get on another bus. All the troubles came to my mind of how hard it'll be. Then I woke up.