Goth girl

Date: 3/3/2017

By dixsilence

This was two days ago and I barely remember. So I was at some American university on some sort of investigation protect with a lot of people from around the globe. The place was enormous, very technological and huge buildings. The first day we had class on a underground floor so we took an elevator. When we got to the -2 floor I opened the door but the person in charge said we were not there, and the elevator went down a bit in-between floors so a girl opened a secret door and everyone had to slip to a secret classroom. The day passed by and we all got to our rooms. On the common room. we were all socialising and stuff, then I saw this pretty goth chick. Short hair, simple black dress, very stylish​ and intense eyes. I got lured right away and went to talk to her. She went directly to my room and to my bed, my friends warned me about her being evil but I didn't care. We didn't do nothing more than cuddling and sleep, was really nice. Also after that I went to the docks of the uni and sea level started to go up so I ran up to the upper floors, lol.