The City Of Scholars, Draconian Child, Plushies with Premonition.

Date: 2/25/2017

By Fitful

Three Dreams. One. This dream feels super familiar, as If I know every detail of what will happen. It's the tail end of the dream, like turning on the tail end of a beloved movie and loving it so much you watch the end. I'm a child, or a small young lady, and I am in the forest with a man. He is cradling me on his lap and talking his voice far away. I think we were in a fight with a lot of negative people, something had just happened, but we won. Now we are resting, reflecting; he is reminiscing or building castles in the sky. He is sad because of mankind. He dreams a of a different life for himself, he plans on building a massive library, a literal temple of a city which is just library, and everyone reads there, and that is all their life. He speaks of it like it is his dream of utopia, where everyone is a scholar, and the pursuit of domination and riches forgotten as barbarian ideation. As he speaks of it it manifest there in the air, as if time falls away and he conjures it up directly with his words. It is even more beautiful that the pretty ideation illustrates. It's golden and brown's and sand colors. It's shiny and towers so tall, walls stretch hundreds of feet higher than the tallest person there. And the tallest people who live there are Giants. It's in a cube, perhaps rectangle, of city. And it is a library. On every corner, in every store, books. Colleges. Learning. Studying. Reading. It is correct, his dream did come to pass but the city, however as all city's can there breeds corruption inside it. The rich are massively rich and equally immoral. The people are gripped in intrigue and shadow lives. Scholars study magic and magic can go either way. The city is just as complex as it is beautiful. It hosts all kinds. I wander around the city and I am lost in the massive height of everything. I am also pleased to see that people are like me, or a lot of them and other races too. I am not an outcast anymore. I am draconian and I feel I have had much rejection in the past. I have red dragon wings, their tips and talons poke out beneath my cloak. Yet no one finds this unusual, people walk around just as strange or just oblivious. Like it's an every day occurrence. I am a child and alone but the city is as beautiful as he wanted it to be. I enter a store, a very small modest bookstore, and a rich man, an egocentric, privileged, corrupt man is distracted from his patronage by me. Insultingly he tries to buy me for a dollar. I scoff and try to leave but he stops me. Two scenarios splinter off one after the other, or the first plays and then time reverses and plays out again differently. In the first the rich man surrounds me with conjured red men, he snaps his finger and they appear they are made of clay. He can do magic and I am helpless. They start to get aggressive sexually and they all have their way with me, as does the rich man. In the second scenario a giant, a real one is in the store and is incredulous and disgusted with the rich man and stops him and saves me. He is a bit ugly and a social outcast but he has morals. The city is large enough that he can walk around in it perfectly comfortable, when I said temple city I meant it was massive, reaching up past the trees Two. I am in an underground railway, riding on train cars,. This is also the trial end of a dream. A lot happens before it. I think I am chasing something or something is chasing me. My car comes uncoupled with the track and the train skids beneath me. I do something, ride it like a skateboard almost, flip and it's fixed. Three. I have a lot of plushies. They are a nice collection and each means something, they illustrate how the day is going to go. If I don't get them in the right order the day won't play out. I lay on the floor and align them, sometimes I line them up on a short ledge. Once they are in order I am happy but throughout the day I have to go back and check on each one to be sure. Sometimes my sister, my older sister, messes them up and things go wrong with the day. Sometimes she is jealous of something I have and angry.