Shit, Pine Smelling Jumper, and Dog Brains

Date: 6/10/2017

By Fitful

This dream was set in someplace dark and dank, like a falling apart house. It was mostly greys and old wood. I think it's possible it could have taken place in one whole room which kept switching from scene to scene. There was a man ordering a suit jacket for a party we had to attend later. He might have been my father, or my grandfather, or just a stranger. He was a bit large and he was ordering a nice suit jacket. I wanted him to get Italian. He was more interested in the fabric. He was also ordering something for his wife, who was sitting behind us, and specifically stated he needed to have a jacket which fit the wings on her arms. The man selling suit jackets allowed me to have first look, he took me into a small room. It was full of stuffed animals all done in different fabrics. The textures were amazing, and quite remarkable. I knew they weren't for sale as plush toys but only to advertise the fabric. The seller said one itchy one was for sleep apnea and another for anxiety. I favored the one I had seen first, it's fabric breathed in the right way, and the other was too itchy. My mother was there a bit later. We passed around a green jumper and smelled like pine, everyone wanted to smell it. My mother adored it, even when we went on to smell other things she lay on the floor and smelled the green jumper Finally I got a bit fed up and said with exasperation "Mother will you stop smelling shit off the floor!" Then, after a moment I realized what I said, the way it sounded. She replied, "But I love smelling shit on the floor." full aware of how it sounded. She proceeded to roll all over the green jumper. I also was having a hard time with the man and his dog. He seemed almost special needs when he insisted his dog was going to die but then it did happen and I felt a bit bad for insisting it wouldn't. His dog died, just sitting there on the lawn waiting for his owner, he just died. His brains were found later dribbled out on the side walk. Then the dream rewound and it happened again. We couldn't stop it, the dog never moved, both in happened to it, it just died sitting where it was, staring at us through the window. I couldn't stop seeing the brains on the ground. I think i liked them to buggers and I spent a lot of time wondering if the dog would be okay without them. I might have played in them a bit, they were sticky.