Being a Snake in The Swamp

Date: 8/23/2017

By nicolesal

So many dreams. The first one I remember I was swimming in a river and swam over to the side where the current was strong. I was hanging onto the edge there when a big ice flow like an avalanche on water approached. We realized we'd die if it trapped us, I felt that acceptance of death and though I fought a little to swim away and push up through it I accepted that I didn't have a chance. Later I dreamed we were traveling in Boston and my sisters were fighting with each other. Another dream I was with a girl and a third girl came into the room. I said "you're not like us" but she leaned over the bench and kissed my friend. Another dream i was back teaching at The Patch and Luca wouldn't do his work. Then i was in a staff meeting and watching Soph doodle. Then I was sliding through a swamp and realised that I was traveling like a Snake. it felt good to be able to get away like that.