Graduation + Danger To And From School

Date: 9/12/2019

By aubs814

PT 1: I was graduating from my high school all over again except this time I looked my absolute best. My makeup was perfect, I had a fancy dress on, and I had these huge flower leis around me, but before we had our ceremony, everyone went to disneyland all dressed up. We were planning on taking tons of pictures there. Halfway through, I decided that the dress I was wearing looked weird with a bra on because the straps showed so obviously, so I changed to wear a silicon pastie. But everyone around me decided to take pictures with me while I was fixing them, and by the time I finished fixing them, nobody wanted pictures anymore, so now the only pictures I had was of me fixing my bra, so I got mad. Then we had to take a train to the racetrack where the ceremony is to actually graduate, and I was the last one in line to get on the train, but the doors closed right before I could get on. I hung onto the side of the train while I yelled asking them which stop it is so I can catch the next train and still get there, but they just told me to stay hanging onto the side until we got there, so I did. Extremely dangerous, but it worked out. When we got off, they had this booth with a bunch of desserts, so I asked about everything chocolate that they had, and while the lady was telling me about them, I ate all the rest of the candy she was selling, I don't know how she didn't notice. Then I bought a honey chocolate bread and the ceremony started and that part ended. PT 2: Here's the scary part of the dream. I was walking to summer school at PCC and there were 2 guys on my side of the street causing trouble, so I walked to the opposite side of the street so that I wouldnt have to run into them, but then they both ran to my side, pushed me to the ground, and held me there while they kicked me and hit me. Then one of them got up and went behind a building so while there was only 1 person hitting me, I managed to get up and started to punch the guy in the face, and he turned into a street sign. I smashed the street sign in so it was concave, and when the 2nd guy came out from behind the building, I pointed to the messed up street sign and he ran off. Then when I was walking back from school to my car, I couldnt find it. Instead, I saw these guys fixing parts of a white car (my car) onto their own car. I refused to believe it and tried beeping my car key and muttered, "where the hell is my car?" And the guys looked at me and laughed and said, "oh sweetie you ain't got no car anymore" and continued working. They looked really big and buff so I didn't want to fight them bc I would easily lose and get hurt. I became incredibly scared so I walked and walked away until I was next to this old woman carrying her groceries, walking with a cane. She looked nice so I went up to her and said, "excuse me, could I possibly stay for a few minutes at your place while I call my parents? I fear for my safety and some kind of shelter right now would be really nice" while my voice started to crack bc I started crying and she went "oh of course" and led me into this pretty big motor home she had. She and her family sat down with me to make sure I was ok while I started dialing numbers on my phone. But instead of my mom's phone number, I kept mixing up the numbers bc I was so nervous, and at one point I called the wrong number and a woman picked up, but when I said, "Mom?" and started telling my story, she said, "oh honey I don't think I'm your mom." Then I even dialed my own phone number after. But as I continued dialing, I saw my parents pull up in our other car with my old homestays to pick me up and I was SO relieved, so I ran in the car, still crying, and told everyone what happened. When I was telling about the part where the 2 boys held me down in the beginning, my dad chose to make an extremely inappropriate comment and said, "and then they took off her clothes and-" and that was when everyone in the car yelled at him to shut up. That's when it ended. I woke up crying.