Date: 4/1/2017

By onemanmoshpit16

I'm at a library, frantically looking for something. I find a book that I think might help. It's a book about curses and spells. I got find my mom, sister, and boyfriend. They look so exhausted. Tired of running. We read the book hoping to find something to help us free a friend. We're approached by a strange looking man. He asked to see if you could see my sister alone. We told him no that were busy and he grabbed her and picked her up. My boyfriend goes to get her but the man pulls a knife on him. I can feel my blood boiling. I wait for him to start walking away to attack. I run and jump kicking him in the middle of his back causing him to drop the knife and let go of my sister. I grab onto the corner of a door to slow down my speed. I scratch along the cement wall with animal like claws, making huge gashes. I hear people talking about me when I stop and looking at my hands. "Is she a demon?" "She's certainly not human. " "we have to get outta here before she comes for us next!" "Look at those huge wings!!" As people started running I looked up and saw I had wings. Terrified and confused as to wrongs with me, I ran back to my table and told everyone that we need to leave. We back our things and start heading out. My boyfriend turns and looks at me, tells me he can't do this anymore and runs off. I try running after him but I'm lost in a sea of people. So I took off to the sky. I lost tracked of him. I start bawling my eyes out. At that moment I woke up. I'm laying in an unfamiliar room. I believe I'm in an apartment. Dazed and confused where I am I sit up in bed wondering why I relived that memory again. I get up and get ready for school. I put on my rolling skating like shoes and start heading up. I was put under another protection program but unlike the last one, they took my family away from me. I took around the school getting through my classes as the face of my now ex boyfriend pops in and out of my thoughts. When I get back to what I guess is my apartment I hear a familiar voice. I looked to see who was talking in the hall and it was the owner of the building and another man. The other man was my ex boyfriend. I started to walk over to ask questions. This is when I actually woke up. I realized this time it was reality and not a dream within a dream.