The 15th Floor

Date: 2/6/2017

By alannalorean

I was on the second floor of target with a friend. I had a cart with a few things. We had to get back down to the first floor but I did not want to go down the escalator because I don't like the things they have for you to put your cart in. So we head to the elevator, inside we see two men, one wearing a black trench coat. Now inside the elevator, I look at the options, level 1, 2, or 15. I say "level 1", for the man to push. He hits level 15 as if I wouldn't notice, I had a bad feeling so I put my hand between the elevator doors before they could fully close. I frantically left, leaving my friend behind, watching the doors close on her as one of the men said "you won't be able to leave now".I tried to run but the wheels of my cart locked and it was harder for my body to get anywhere, but I carried the cart and took the escalator and finally made it down to the first floor, dodging a lot of people trying to stop me... I finally made it out of target and there was a woman at the exit who said "you'll never be the same now... you can't escape this it's our future." So I went to my car and drove off, but I somehow knew that on the 15th floor they were turning people into superhuman cannibals... and that if you were chosen and escaped you'd never be able to live life the same way... (too much black mirror?)