Birds and bullying

Date: 8/1/2017


There was this boy, he dreaded coming to school because of this bully. The teacher arranged that the kid were to have a banner symbolizing he's not weak, and what would supposedly happen if he is bullied. Next scene the boy is walking through a alley of high rise buildings spinning and twirling as he pleases, until the alley leads to a basketball court where the bully is. The boy sees spiderweb right in front of his face, and turns around. The banner was a 4 panel comic Rick and Morty animated style. The bully approached the boy and told him to cut this banner stuff out because it's ruining his bully business (?). The bully follows the kid home, and when they arrive home, there is another banner on the ground. The bully looks at the kid, and the kid run for the banner. The banner was showing that if he got bullied, suicidal chicks would come and blow their brains out on the banner or near it and be thrown at the bully. Chicks (small chickens btw) lined up with their own guns and blew their brains out. It was funny. I remember hearing myself snicker in my sleep. The bully didn't like that banner, and the boy picked it up and said "I fucking love this banner. Back off man, I love this banner". The bully seemed scared and he backed down. I'm going back to sleep, but some side notes, the chicks were yellow, their exposed cranium showed a yolk, and the first banner had doves diving like planes into buildings and died.