Pt. 3: Depression

Date: 4/21/2017

By yourmom

After going back to sleep, I completely forgot how this one started but my sister had come back from the US and she was all beaten up and was then going through severe depression, my family and I didn't really know how to help her my mom thought she could get better from praying and getting closer to God which my sister did try to do and then something happened to me (I either just completely forgot it or this dream was connected to my previous one (pt.1))though it deeply affected me and I felt scarred I was completely normal, just as if nothing had happened to me that day and so I was at home helping both my mother and sister with cooking and as I was eating a sandwich and talking to my sister I just started tearing up and sobbing uncontrollably I spat out my sandwich what was so good just a moment ago tasted like nothing and felt disgusting to me I left the kitchen and went to the living room where it was dark and empty and I kept crying but then all of a sudden the tears stopped even though everything ached and I was desperate to continue crying I jut couldn't do it, my younger sister came in and said something which i either didn't understand or just don't remember but I nodded and left. I don't remember how or when it happened I just remember the pain and suffering I was going through which made me realize how my older sister was probably feeling, I seriously felt like there was no way for me to ever get better...