Getting caught, and joined in Lesbian Sex

Date: 5/5/2019

By jikook69

The style of my dream was old, and I was in my prom dress at a very luxurious party. I was looking around and I saw a shorter beautiful young lady around my age she wrapped her arm around my waist, really familiarized. We went around the party talking to people, and she would introduce herself as my fiance, I was surprised because she was gorgeous. Then I looked into a mirror and realized I was to, we looked like a model couple, finally I realized how suspicious everyone was acting. She left me to collect Intel but I heard her voice in my head, we had telepathy. She seemed to be talking to another person, but in her mind she was telling me all the dirty things she wanted me to do to her. To the point where I couldn't handle it, I walked over to her, picked her up and took her to a private room. I started kissing her roughly and she was making sweet cute moans that turned me on even more her small hands grabbed on to my shoulders roughly as I kissed and playfully bit her neck. My hands explored the soft delicate skin on her thighs as I lifted her dress. I lowered myself and started kissing her inner thighs and teasing her as my tongue slowly ran close to her already wet insides, covered only by some flimsy panties. I pulled them off slowly with my teeth, and opened her legs a little bit more forcefully. She looked up at me biting her tasty swollen lips as she pitifully whispered, "Please make me cum." I smirked and shut her up by kissing her, as I started fingering her and she had a hard time focusing on our kiss as she twitched under me in pleasure. Just as she was moaning uncontrollably, and about to orgasm I stopped as I heard something behind me. I instinctively licked my fingers while pulling out the gun strapped to my thigh. She pouted up at me, but read the atmosphere and got up weakly. I stood over her protectively as a figure strode in confidently, she was in a cute short dress, that showed off her well toned legs. I found myself checking her out, but not changing my expression, the curves on her body we're unreal. My girlfriend was also in shock but her eyes soon started glowing as she was going to use her powers. There was energy eminating from her palm and she smirked. The girl smiled sweetly putting out her energy, "Ladies, ladies I'm on your side. But isn't it a bit bad you guys just suddenly left? Although I understand why." She was addressing my girlfriend and how disheveled she was, but she still managed to look godly. I reluctantly put my gun back and narrowed my eyes while giving her a sly smile. "If you knew then why did you interrupt?" She smiled innocently while lifting up her own dress, "I guess I just wanted to join in." I saw how wet she was her panties we're soaked, it made me wonder if sh ehad been watching us before interrupting. Which only turned me on further, I licked my lips and looked over at my girlfriend for confirmation, and she nodded enthusiastically. She walked over to me provacatively as she pulled down my dress inspecting my cleavage, I saw her lick her own lips before turning and pushing my girlfriend on the counter and getting her tongue in her dripping insides. I felt a ting of jealousy, but she lifted up her own dress where she wasn't wearing panties anymore. It was as if her wet insides were beckoning me forward. I started to eat her out, and before I knew it I had woken up. I of course tried to fall asleep again with no luck