Visited again?

Date: 3/22/2017

By Sammi9kh

Beautiful morning with a huge fluffy snowfall, so deep and fluffy my sister dove in head first and disappeared. My horses were out running and playing in the snow it's so much fun to watch them buck and kick and run. I went out to play with them as they love to be chased and play tag (not a dream thing they really do it's so cute). And one of the boys stays on the front lawn with my sister the other who I assume is my big boy Mac stats playing me in the back yard. I chase him so much I'm breathless and laughing and fall down in the snow. I say 'come here baby' and my big red horse lays down next to me and puts his muzzle right on my lap. As I something calls me to consciousness I realize my big boy Mac is black not red, and I've never called him baby. That was a nickname for my very special RED horse who passed away this October. I didn't recognize him cause he was no longer weak and sick. He stood tall and strong.