House Hunting

Date: 6/26/2017

By kayeherl98

I had so many dreams last night but this is the only one I can remember fully. So my parents and I were looking for a new house because we decided to finally just move out of our current one, fed up by everything they'd done to us, etc. So we found this one on a street called Tampa. This Tampa street was really long thoigh, and the address was 806, and we were in the 8000's. We saw Mrs. Gilbereth and she pointed us that way to the really long street and warned us that it was long, because where we were, the houses were nice, like modern nice. So we started walking down with Licorice and then the 8000s turned into these really, really cool Victorian houses and we were like "oh this won't be so bad" and then they just got worse and worse as we got into the lower numbers. By the time we reached the 800s we saw that our house was this really broken down tin can sandwiched between these two slightly nicer houses and it was so small and no one got rid of their furniture so we just had to use their furniture and also the last person who had lived there was a drunk who left beer bottles all over. I got rid of a bunch of my stuff so I could fit into the tiny room that was mine, and then there was a really fancy hotel on one side of us so I went through their revolving door and that led me to the next dream. Something about the school and exploring it as it was being remodeled and my crushes were there and there was a weird eerie feeling and the school was really big and my teachers were bad for some reason, and then it changed to a swim meet but one of the people was trying to do fly and he almost died but someone did CPR and so he woke up and then I tried to join CMA hoping they'd make me a faster swimmer. then I woke up after my first practice and the twins were there and they had flowers for some reason?