Don't Move

Date: 3/6/2017

By YungLightly

I guess all of this talk about my friends moving in together has made me anxious, and left out, and my conscious self wants to move in with them, but then when I dream about it, my mind panics, and i can tell that deep down I don't want to lose my little private corner of the stonecliff. I had been walking down the hallway, on my phone with my mother telling her that I was sure of my decision. I could feel excitement up until the moment that I was put, and standing in the middle of a living room, with a pit slowly opening up in my stomach that seemed to dissolve all of my insides and grasp ahold around my throat. I was panicking, I felt such a strong desire towards my little studio. I called my mother again, asking frantically if it was too late to move back in. I knew I had done it on my own will, but I knew that I had made a mistake that I couldn't come back from.