The notes and lockets from secret group

Date: 5/1/2019

By LucyElla

I had been picked to join this secret group because I was suspicious and started looking into a few things later I would receive notes and lockers with writing on them that was written in black pen and the letters were all different sizes and I was living in my grandmas house from real life but my room was down stairs I went into my room because I had just been looking into someone and my friend who I sort of worked on some of them with didn't believe I was correct so I went into my room and there was booklet with the writing on my break saying "you know where to find me" I looked up and it was the top private investigator of the group I started putting my shoes on to talk to her but my dad came in and asked where I was going the lady was crossing the road to my house which you could see form the big window in my room so I began to sing so he wouldn't hear anything else he joined in and I almost got away with leaving but then he grabbed me and asked where I was going i think he saw the notes on my desk he then saw the lockets around my neck which had an engravement on it and my friend came up to me to see what was going on my dad was just shouting at me saying I had joined a club receiving secret messages he then tried to take the pencil off me (which was from the organisation we used it for sending messages) suddenly lots of people were in my room shouting and surrounded me my dad kept trying to take the pencil so I put it down my bra because he wouldn't be able to get it but he started getting quite violent but then I sort of managed to teleport/glitch away which I can do something when I get in a really high emotion stressful or scary situation it wasn't fair but I was at least away from him in my garden the lady saw me and sat down next to me then i woke up.