Mother Superior

Date: 2/7/2017

By LakeHastor

I dreamt I was walking with a young man I didn't know. I was not myself. We walked through an upscale suburban neighborhood and I pointed out a house I liked. The house was large and made of stone. It had no windows. On either side was a half dome--like an amphitheater. There was a large bronze statue of a rearing horse in the yard as well as an obelisk. The man didn't like the house and I think called it a mausoleum. We kept walking and walked up a large steep hill that was very muddy. There were grave stones all around. On the other side of the hill was more of a formal graveyard with a lake in the middle between more hills. As we walked the path, we saw two people (a young woman and man) running towards us. The kept falling and sliding as they ran. When they finally got to us, the man I had been walking with as the female runner three questions. One was about a club she belonged two, the second was about a game she played and the third I can't recall. She invited us to play the game, I declined while my companion accepted. She showed him the rules. It had to do with finding something called Mother Superior. I had a feeling that it was a a good thing--very sinister. I could see a gold colored demonic spirit floating over the girl. I knew my companion could see it too. But he wanted to chance it at the game. He accepted the rules and then I woke up.