Date: 4/3/2019

By black_swan

Dream incubation: teach me how to hear and follow God within Dream: At work. 34th floor. Accounting department. Someone new to Chisholm is assuming way more power/authority than I believe a new person should have. He has taken to sleeping with an accounting girl (maybe Holly). I ask the girl about this. She seems to accept this. I am shocked that my authority to rebuke this has no effect and that my status has no bearing on this and that I am powerless. ********************** Setting At work - where I am measured by others and paid according to my worth to them 34th floor - higher state of consciousness Accounting dept - assessment Feeling Powerlessness - state of living without power Shock - sudden Action Realization that who I was, my identity, was based on my outer status amongst others and so was transient and thus completely insecure. Tie in to dream incubation To follow the will of God within you have to give up/ lose dependence on outer status.