Calea Zachatechichi #1

Date: 4/9/2017

By TheNagual

I sat up in my bed, the left side of my teeth fell out, I was in shock. There was a story on the teeth, something about fish and there hierarchy to their more intelligent whales. Then I took out the rest of my teeth, my molars were rotten... I cried to Mom, she was on the phone and it was dark. Then, something made me look in the mirror, I'm dreaming. My face looked like my face from the last rave. Killian came over to my place, he was yelling and I was trying to tell him to be quiet, my eyes got tired. He was restless and drove away. I started driving around looking for him. On my way back, Mom called and asked where I was. I told her I was still in bed sleeping, literally, I thought this too, then I could see, then I could feel it. As if I was always sleeping and got up for a bit to wander around and dream. Me and Sine were in a gas station of sorts, everything light up when I saw her, Francesca. I thought how this must be a synchronistic event and felt heightened awareness and tranquility.