an innocent looking day

Date: 2/3/2017

By gabriel4031

I only remember parts of this dream ... of course whenever this happens, I remember the middle, but not the beginning or the end! ...I'm looking out the window. I apparently had just gone outside, but it was raining, and came back in. There are rain droplets on my white linen peasant shirt, and a few on the coral linen skirt. I realize that I'm not alone. Gabriel is standing next to me. I realize I haven't seen him in a while. I'm happy to see him, but something seems a little off about him. It's his mood. He seems a little awkward around me, though usually he is confident and serious. He looks at me, smiles and speaks very quickly. I'm not sure I understood him correctly. Maybe it's because he is using words and not thought. He asks if I need "an escort to my home" . It sounds so strange. It seems to suggest something inappropriate. "What? I don't need an escort. It's daylight. It's just rain. It won't and can't hurt me." He raises his eyebrows doubtfully. I get the feeling that he is trying to make up for something. Like he feels I'm upset with him. "Well, if you say so. However, looks can be deceiving, and there's more danger out there than you know. I think you need me to escort you to your home." He glances at my clothes, adds: "Besides, it may ruin your pretty clothes." He folds his arms and looks away, then back out the window. Then he says, "you know I have to go with you wherever you go. That is my task, whether you like it or not. I don't mind doing this task, either. I enjoy it, in fact" My unease softens a little. I know this, and I always enjoy his presence. It comforts me. I can't figure out why I'm cranky and he's the target of this crankiness. He is my guardian angel and he doesn't deserve it. But why am I in a bad mood? So, I accept this, not that I really have a choice. I tell him that I didn't like the way he said that he's escort me home, because it suggested something inappropriate. I tell him that I will feel better in a few minutes, but I need a little bit to be back to normal. I say that I do need him and want him around, and I want him to escort me home through the rain. His expression makes me think I maybe misheard him. He looks a little surprised. "Okay". He says, and we walk through the rain, but I don't get wet. We are on a loading dock or sorts and then inside a big building. Is it a mall? I'm happy. I've been here before, but this time I'm not lost, and I'm not alone. It gives me a warm feeling, a feeling of completeness and of being whole being there knowing he's with me. I remember trying to navigate this building before and I felt so alone and desolate. Not now.