Cake and fights?!?!

Date: 9/3/2019

By Fayzeeboop

Ok so what I remember from my dreams last night is that they were soooo random. One in particular had me back on my old school bus but as an adult, trying to push past all of the younger students getting on at the stop I was meant to get off of. Another part had me pass the local pub my Dad used to frequent. He was drunk sitting outside doing his usual stuff that is pulling the family apart. The other part I was in a coffee shop with a mate buying cake. I got this plain pie of sorts and began to chop up some chocolate and caramel to add to the cake myself. Then whilst in the que all of these women that passed me, including my old English teacher (who I had a huge crush on back in the day) would stop to admire my cake. I bought a slice and so did my mate but we had to leave the plates down so we could go over to the coffee machine and make coffees to go with. We sat down and enjoyed our coffees then headed off. It wasn’t until we were miles away that we noticed we had forgotten to get our paid for cakes and eat them. Then we ended up in a meeting room. There was a chair made of donuts. So I started pulling the donuts off and eating them. Weird right? Anywho, time went on and I then ended up in my mums house, my brother and his wife were there. She was nice to me at first (we had a falling out in my waking life and I’ve noted having lots of conflict dreams with her in it lately). Then she started on her old ways again, bad mouthing my family members, judging me, judging others, being negative etc and I lost it with her. She left and when I went to explain it to my brother he said, “just leave it Faye, leave her alone”. Then I had one of those moments where I was feeling really upset in the dream that no one would take my side and acknowledge that her behavior was wrong. Anyways, I slammed doors, told my brother I couldn’t stand her and hated him for allowing her cause so much drama for us all. (I never lash out in my waking life, or slam doors or anything like that, it’s not in my nature so it’s interesting to see frustration manifest in my dreams). After this, I went off up town to get some air. Saw my dad drunk again and that really annoyed me. I jumped a wall and ended up climbing onto this roof space. Where I now was with four other people. (No idea who they were) they were staring down in what I can only describe as a junk yard and there were 10 men. Next thing I knew I was asking could we take them all down? As if I was on some kind of special ops mission. We jumped down from the roof and fought mightily! There were explosions, fists thrown, limbs broken and so on. Like something from a movie or video game. That’s all I can remember for now. A very interesting night of dreams indeed. Haven’t a clue as to what it all means though 🤪 Edit: oh yeah I just remembered, when I was on the bus I was being quizzed by these two people I knew in the dream (but not in reality) about a guy I was hanging out with. I kept saying he’s my friend. They were like, “sure he is” in a sarcastic tone. They warned me of him too. Without giving reason as to why to avoid him. The guy they referred to in dream is a mate of mine in reality whom I worked on art projects with who happened to pop into my head yesterday.