It’s 1:26

Date: 8/2/2019

By abbyjay123

I’m in chicago filming a short film with my friends; we’ll call them A and B. We go downstairs to film it in B’s room (it’s my room, but its B’s in the dream). We’re sitting on the floor, with A in front of B, and B has her back towards me. All of the lights are off. A starts talking about the kind of film we’re going to make, and how it’s going to be about love. I don’t understand, because I thought we were making a horror film. A keeps talking, and I’m getting more and more terrified. As she stands up, I see a kitchen knife hidden under a blanket, and I grab it, but I keep it hidden. A pulls out a kitchen knife as well, and B begins to whimper, but doesn’t move. I still can’t see hardly anything because of how dark it is. Then A starts to saw into B’s left shoulder, keeping eye contact with me the whole time, but she doesn’t have any eyes. Just black, slimy holes in a face the same texture as wax. I start to cry and hold out my knife. She slinks to the floor and says, “Aw, you found my knife collection!” And I start to cry harder. A slices through the rest of B’s arm and snaps it before hanging it up in the corner of the room, crawling up the edge of the wall. She then takes another knife and plunges it through B’s back. “Now we have this,” she says, crawling, sort of, almost side stepping at a broken pace, toward me. “A real, beating, human heart.” She holds the heart up and turns to put it on the wall, and I try to scream, but I can’t. It comes out as a weak whisper, and A doesnt like that. She turns to me with that same face, no eyes, waxy, caked on skin, and a wide open smile with no teeth or lips, just skin stretched on the edges. My mom opens the door, and A and B disappear. I try to tell my mom it was pretend, and they had tricked me, but when I stand up, my ceiling is drooping inward, and I see it’s soaked with blood, and I hear the squishing sound of B’s body behind the plaster while I finally manage to yell in real life, waking myself up.