Date: 7/27/2017

By AudioVideoDisco

___________________ I was in a cage, there was another cage next to me. It was Savannah's. She was crying, I couldn't talk to her or do anything. I was crying too. It felt like I had tape on my mouth. We were in a room, the walls were all white with one picture frame on the wall. It was Savannah and me. I tried so hard to get out of here but it feels like I can't move my arms or do anything similar. A man entered the room and started to open Savannah's cage. He was holding a screwdriver. He started to rip off her clothes, and he punched her with the screwdriver. I started screaming. He keeps punching her. I screamed after every punch. He keeps doing it. I tried to get out of here as fast as I can but it was too late, she died. I woke up.