I was myself

Date: 5/22/2017

By annatar

It was an odd dream; I was in the future, a sort of sci-fi setting. I'm subjected to a phalloplasty procedure that I initially am not interested in but once it's done and I see myself in the mirror and take myself in hand, I'm overwhelmed by this immense feeling of joy and happiness. It looks like any cismale bottom should look, all I ever wanted. However, as this is a dream, the day after said procedure I wake up in some roadside hotel sharing a room with my dad. And me, in my new body, I'm trying all I can to hide it from him as our morning routine starts. It becomes really difficult, as he insist in us sharing the bathroom as we get dressed and shower and whatnot. I end up doing really far fetched things to hide my lower half from him. Which of course makes no sense since in the dream my entire body is male, my dad should see the difference up top too, but that never happens. Anyway, the dream takes a very bizarre turn, and things get blurry in my memory. But I remember getting infected with some sort of virus, but this was a computerised one, and I was expected to follow some protocol so some gamer could beat up the virus inside me. However I was panicking and dealing with trying to hide my true self from the world (family and friends who had started showing up really intrusively in my room and private moments) which is why I stall dealing with the infection, until it is too late. I remember clearly that the virus reaches a level 9, which makes it very hard to defeat, rendering me impossible to cure, and I'm sent to a quarantine building. During this process, of course, I'm already feeling the full blown effects of the virus and being treated like a street dog. There's green and brown oozing from my forehead and mouth. I'm begging anyone I cross paths with to please help me. I pass by some familiar faces, I am told some old friend is doing all they can to help me. I don't remember how this dream ends, but I remember the image and dread of knowing the building I, and other quarantined people, are staying, falling to the ground and collapsing on itself