Noble Blood

Date: 3/20/2017

By MissV

I had the dream again a couple nights ago... I go to a free aquarium with Amy and others. I split up with the group to help this elderly woman who I become friends with. She leads me through this door that takes me to some weird 1800's factory/palace. There are racks of dresses and other costumes everywhere. The factory also provides boarding to the women that sew all of the costumes and feather pillows. They all have twin sized springy, little beds that sit high up off the ground next to their little work stations. I then turn into a girl my age but obviously not from this century. I have pale olive toned skin, black hair, and red eyes. Essentially I am a vampire but not exactly Vampirism, more like a disease. I was dying because no one knew what to do to help me. Only blood would provide me with the essential nutrients I need to survive. Since I'm not a "Vampire" vampire, I do not kill anyone and drink their blood however I was stumbling weakly into apothecary shops searching for a vial of animal blood when I come across a store I had never seen previously. Curious, I walk into the shop which seems to be some kind of antique/collectibles sort of shop with many rare and mythical items... such as the supposed "Cursed Blood" of a former King from many, many moons ago. I was so desperate to live that I couldn't control myself. While the shopkeeper looked away I grabbed the vial out of its glass, illuminated display case and shoved it in the pocket of my dress. I calmly leave the shop as if nothing occurred and continue hobbling down the road until I come to a small courtyard where I hide behind a shaded pillar and drink the blood. I suddenly felt alive again again. I quietly open a random door connecting the courtyard and and the interior of a large extravagant building. I sneak into the closest room which happens to be a laundry room of sorts. I suddenly see a slightly younger girl wearing a gauze nightgown with long sleeves. I then become her. Now as the girl in the ivory nightgown I peak behind a door to see my former self--the vampire-- smirking at the me with the jewel encrusted and bloodstained vial that once contained the DNA of a tainted nobility testing loosely in her hand. All of a sudden the candle in the laundry room blows out shrouding the both of us in a fleeting flurry of dim embers. The book that I had been holding in my hands crumbles away like dust in the wind. I immediately know that the King's blood will soon be spreading its terrible fortune. I start running through the factory waking everyone up and grabbing my elderly friends by the hand in an effort to save them. Josh Gad who is a History author saves a big hard back book about JFK since he'd be able to raise some money off of its predictions. Another male told him it was worthless since he wasn't born until 19796 and the assassination wasn't until 1981 (which is all wrong). He then agreed and dropped it to the flames below.