candy goblin

Date: 10/27/2019

By figen

I was a candy goblin. I looked sort of like gollum from lotr. I lived in some huge palace as a servant. I was sneaking into a room that had a ton of candy in it. I took a fistfull of stuff when all of a sudden the candymaker came out of nowhere. he seemed like he was fully expecting me to be there, and he was pissed. He kept saying stuff angrily but I can't remember. I ran through a door into a room with a ton of huge glass panels, sort of like a museum with empty exhibits. He was chasing me around, breaking glass. He had a gun, but never actually took a shot at me, just threatened to. Suddenly I saw an opening. I ran back through the way I came, and he was chasing after me. I escaped the palace. outside there was a huge sea with Bridges and ferries connecting palaces to other palaces. I was on a dock, there was a little motor boat sitting there. I jumped in. it took me a second to figure out how to start it, but I did. The boat took off. I looked back at the dock and the candymaker just came out. I waved smugly at him. I was free. The candymaker was staring at me. I started heading for a palace in the distance, but planned to change course, thinking that the candymaker would look for me there.