Everyone Missing

Date: 4/10/2017

By AbbyK

So I just remember hanging out with my friends in these weird costumes. One was in this bright pink wig and she was chewing bright pink bubble gum. I knew I was in school, but it looked more like a store because there were tall shelves with random things on them. Then I went to the bathroom. I heard someone come in and lock this other girl in her stall but not me. I kept thinking "oh no, now someone is going to think I did it!" But I left the stall and the whole school was looking for like 50 people who had gone missing including all of my friends. I went to the principal and he was having us go down the aisles in the school (that looked like a store) and pick out items that my friends were wearing. I just remember pointing to the pink wig and gum and telling him my one friend was wearing that.