kinda fuxkkkkeed yp

Date: 4/9/2017

By aleyae

so there's kinda like two parts to the dream, the first part being I'm with my family and we're in this world that I've been to before and we're travelling along trying to get to the end of it. it's very natury, and there's rolling hills everywhere, it's windy. I tell my brother we won't have to walk back because we can just take the monorail back and I look up and point as this huuuuge silver looking Monorail train track. it's pretty majestic. I Remember later wereally like in a sort of city setting and we're with other people Idk who, and there's a monster we end up trying to escape, and I end up escaping but I don't know what happened to my family. the second part of my dream starts off with me being this guy who's blonde and has long hair. he's in hiding from people because of something he did, I think he was having sex with his aunt and people thought it was fucked up so they banned him from the area, and he frantically tried to find a place to hide and someone contacts him saying he can stay with them and he it's this sort of elderly couple saying yeah you made a mistake it's ok. but me being the blonde guy says it's not a mistake we want to do this and the couple is like wtf that's disgusting get out. we run out of the their house and come across a really big shed in their backyard and we see beds everywhere and we puck up these costumes that are like cutesie with those bunny masks that looks like they're from bioshock or something. we put on the clothes and we're looking at ourselves in the mirror. we is me and my aunt who's p young. we see the elderly couple from before walking towards the shed sjd they're weeding similar costumes to what we have on. we run and hide in one of the beds and pretend to be asleep, cause now we realize that all the beds are filled with kids wearing the dame things and they look scared. I'm pretty sure that the elderly couple is molestimg these kids. they come into the shed and start talking and walking around looking at the kids and we take out chance to attack. we punch and kick and bring them down and now i have a gun for some reason so I shoot both of them. but the bullets won't pierce their skin. they're just like floating by their heads. I know something is up so I look out the window and I see a bunch of military officers standing there with floating bullets ready to sttack. I tell my aunt and we run out the back and keep running until we hit water. I wake up.