School, smoothies and the baby

Date: 8/16/2017

By dreakee

I was at school and it was like we were watching a boring movie or something. During lunch we had time to go to Dolly's donuts and I got one chocolate bar and one maple bar. My dream was partially lucid at the beginning because I thought of what they said. If you could make your finger go through your hand, you were dreaming. I found out I was dreaming and then forgot. The guy at the donut shop was really nice and let me sample the latest smoothie that was like green tea or some nasty shit like that and I bought the guava smoothie but I think I never got to eat the donuts. I went back to class and Daviid ended up ditching my class and I watched him outside near the bikes and he disappeared later on. I'm pretty sure he went home. I was in Sra. Nelms' class and she told us to pi away all the extra chairs we didn't need and I grabbed like a hundred and put them all away with Emilee because she was very kind enough to help me. Nelms put me in charge of putting folders away in certain places and when I did, the entire poster fell down and we talked about it and she helped me put it up after I slipped and pulled the entire thing down. I went home and there was a little mention of having a baby brother and I suggested J be his name. I played river of tears earlier that day because I loved that song and it meant a lot to me. All the sudden I was being chased in the hallways of a hotel and some kids and I (five) were sprinting away from a gang that wanted my phone because there was something important there. I had money, headphones and my phone with me and some dude from the gang said he learned how to hack and asked for my password. I told him the wrong one and ran and we all ran up the stairs until we saw an elevator. The first time we almost made it until they opened the door and the second time, they were already standing at the elevator. They grabbed my phone and the whole world exploded and we were in a space kind of thing with rainbow balls of color and emotions, it was beautiful. Our phones worked in a weird way and a strange number was texting us. It was our leader. Coach Nagler was with us and around us were certain lives we had missed. I saw Kai running happily and I pointed it out to Coach Nagler. Somehow we got out of there and I ended up in a grassy yard. There were old people coming out of their houses to see that their old animals had returned. An old couple invited two brown dachshunds into their house and loved them. Everyone took their loved ones accept for one. There was a small baby with a leg brace on. His eyes were closed and I picked up a rain stick to help him listen and follow me into his room. When he got into his room, he opened his eyes and mouth with awe and noticed a piano. I look at a small block that said J on it. The whole room was light blue and I turned my head immediately as I recognized a beautiful song J was playing. J was so talented that while he was in the womb, he learned how to play Alessia Cara's "River of Tears." I was so impressed and then I woke up.