Digital art, She wants to follow people, search dreams, and be able to easily find the dreams she has liked.

This app is good but needs a follow button.(like if you agree)

Date: 7/28/2017

By BeastFromTheEast

This app is good but I think there should be a follow button beside people's name and also a way to search dreams. Also there should be a feed where it shows you all the dreams from people you followed all in one place. Also how do I find the dreams I pressed like on? I can't apparently. Anyone else agree?

AI generated interpretation It appears from your comments that you would like more features on this app that would allow you to interact and follow other people's dreams. You would also like to have a search feature as well as a feed of dreams from the people you follow. Additionally, you would like to be able to find the dreams you have previously liked. This suggests that you place a high value on connecting with others and having access to information that is useful to you.