Wars of he ages

Date: 6/17/2017

By apocalypse

It started out that I was a commander in a historic battle lord of the rings style with massive armies, unique ancient weapons, siege towers, gigantic battleships and a large enemy during the fighting I was running my own solo missions. After that the times changed to around civil war era where again I was a high ranking commander I don't remember specifics of this war though. After that it skipped the modern times and went strait to fighting the robot aliens (very advanced alien computers) this fight was more about strategy than anything considering it was more of a human hunt with just dozens of humans remaining. The select few that remained were hunted to extinction but me and one other managed to create a time looping machine that every time I died I was brought back 10 years in the future so I began to let the machines attack me every ten years when I reappeared so that 100s of years later when the machines evolved past the need to kill humans I was set free to restart the human species I'm sure there were some survivors around the world somewhere and my next task was to find them.