Haunted Holiday House

Date: 5/18/2017

By HeyItsShelbyyy

Apparently a few months before, my family had stayed in this 2-storey holiday house in Perth, and we thought it was amazing and really nice. So for some reason, Aastar, Shane, Jasmine and I were staying in Perth alone (?), and we decided to stay at that particular holiday house, because it was really nice. When we walked into the house though, it was completely dark, everything was rotten, there were cobwebs everywhere and it looked like no one had lived there for 100 years. It was really spooky but we kept walking through the house. In the kitchen, a meal had been left on the table, untouched, for all this time. As we started to walk up the stairs to the bedrooms, we started hearing voices and became extra scared. When we walked into the bedroom I had once stayed in, only a few months ago, there was a human skeleton, seated on a chair, and a creepy lifelike doll in the corner of the room, that we swore had moved it's head. At that moment we realised we needed to get OUT. So we ran down the stairs and out of the house, and found a new place to stay. We weren't sure who we had talked to about staying in the house, if the whole family who lived there were decomposing within their house.