Dog in a onesie

Date: 7/4/2017

By TwentieToo

So I've had this dream a couple times. The first time I had it I died from a mountain lion attack in my backyard. The second time I died again, then found out that it was impossible to not die, I would keep dying over and over no matter how hard I tried to escape. I was in this Spanish style house. The the next time I came to the dream, which was this dream, I guess, I tried to find ways to not die. Like climbing the house. So I did that. I climbed really high up to this window, and my mom let me in, then I went into this nursery or sewing room, then this evil lady wearing a long red dress stood in the doorway. She had this ice blue thingy in her hands, it was glowing and made her eyes glow too. She talked to me, I can't remember what it was she talked to me about. This part replayed a couple times. Me climbing in the window, mom letting me in, evil lady. Over and over again. Every once in awhile there was this part where I had to climb stairs up to my house, and it was thick with plants, almost to point where you couldn't walk through it. And for some reason I had to bring dogs with me to be able to pass. But the dogs were all miniature, like they were the size of your hands. And we had to carry them in little bags. Like those ones in cartoons that were always tied on the end of a stick and they carried them around when they ran away or something. There was this tiny dog I saw at a parade today, he was in a red white and blue pajama onsie. He was one of the dogs I dreamt about carrying around. Then I tried to escape the day repeating itself. My sister appeared, and she grabbed my arms and trying to tell that there was no escape. Then I tried to scream in her face, but no sound came out except a little ah. Then she stopped talking and paused for a second before she started to laugh. I started to laugh too then I woke up.