Today I had a dream where I was in Economics, just sitting down and paying attention when the teacher gave me a negative comment for. Not handing in the work on time, I was really freaked out as just one more and I would get on report.There were these two guys talking about sleeping with their sister and wife, TF? I had another dream where I was in a fun place where you had to go up and cross a 'bridge' it was just four metal pegs connecting together a pretty thin board, the first two times I could do it, but then I got extremely freaked out of heights and couldn't move on. I ACTUALLY did a reality check and blocked my nose in the Dream and I could breathe. I have absolutely no idea why I thought that meant that I was awake and so I never got to the other side thinking I'll die.

Date: 3/18/2017

By Pa1ntbucket

Negative comment and heights