Date: 4/26/2017

By Fitful

I was in a relationship with a girl and we were having problems. She was living in San Francisco and it wasn't working, me commuting there. She was a painter. She also taught kids how to paint. She had this famous painting, it was a washed tan background (kinda like an old warped paper effect) with a flaming cube near the bottom and white clouds. I'm not sure if there was a person on it, I can't remember the original exactly. She was always re painting it, the same exact painting. She was very famous for it, and it was my favorite of all of hers. We had friends and their dreams were interesting. I often visited them, there was this white house with rooms and I traveled to their dreams in a different room each person. But finally I noticed I should just focus on my relationship. I literally said "No one works on their relationship anymore." I tried painting her painting, but I was afraid to mess it up permanently. I did reform the clouds, bringing them up higher. It was fun. I painted with my thoughts. I listened to her problems. It wasn't the same when you listen in the real world, it was different. I was so genuinely inside of her mind and concerns, as if I was them. I also had no opinions about them at all. I was absolutely unbiased. For a while I knew I was having a conversation with myself. I had a white knit hat, I crumbled cookies inside it and cleaned it off as a metaphor for our work on the relationship. --- World War Three had started, I was living in this underground base. ---- I was flying, or above a cloudy area without form, and some voice mentioned a Master Mason. I thought it was interesting but when I listened the voice was quiet. I was disappointed. --- There was a girl hiding inside my mind. She was scared and trapped and tired of being controlled by me. When was also a little warped and twisted.