Dream 01

Date: 6/7/2017

By Jpowell

There were three seemingly seperate dreams. The first, I seemed to be in some sort of party resort. I was walking around and I came across a Fijian man and we started looking for crickets to cook over a fire. Afterwards I was talking to lauren about someone hiding in the bushes as we walked around the resort. The second I was in a parking lot with a large group of people, I was waiting in line for the toilet and both the girls and boys were over crowed, I managed to secure a toilet but it was dirty so I had to wash it down; only to realise that it had no door, so going to the toilet wasn't an option. I went back out into the car park where my little brother Hamish was there with my dad and a bunch of other kids. They were riding motorcycles and bikes around and I just stood watching them. I asked Hamish if I could use his bike, as I went to get on Dad said "Josh that's Hamish's bike" so I got off and handed it to him and went and sat down. Dad saw me sit down and came of and said to me "Josh stop sooking It's his bike", I replied "I know I'm just sitting here". Bickering then followed. The last dream I had I was with 2 large groups of kids and we were given a mission to build Hawaiian style houses (made out of straw, wood, and woven ropes) in a limited time, the best house won. As the houses began to rapidly go up I was inside one of the roofs securing all the knots with the woven rope, two of the kids were bantering between each other saying, "make sure you secure those knots, you would be the reason we all die today" one of them replied, "we should give Josh a bit of a surprise". "Josh stay of that rope". As a count down began they suddenly untied one of the ropes, shooting me high into the air as I clung to the rope. I was terrified at first but then I felt like I was flying like superman, but I went to high and got stuck in space. I then time traveled back to the point before I started building the Hawaiian house, somehow I gained superpowers from this. I found lauren and I was carrying her up a mountain to put her mind at ease. She brought up a good point, if I time travelled back to this point, what if the other me returns as well. Aoki was on the couch with a very large cat.