Werewolves and vampires

Date: 8/7/2017

By tiafaithberger

So we flew a helicopter to this big mansion place and we were all vampires except me I was a werewolf and so we got off the helicopter and no one knew we were here because it was secret and then the owner stepped out and he was like in his late thirties and was wearing a nice cashmere sweater and pants and it was like an ivery color and then he had a butler that was wearing a suit and they showed us the classroom and told us to pick a spot so me a don my best friend wanted to sit by Nicole and Jessica so we went over there all happy but then Abby took one of the seated and we got sad and we went to the seats behind them. ( the seats were 2 desks punched together) so we started talking and then the seats suddenly became ours rooms and in between the rooms there were brick walls and then the place was on fire and that was there plan to kill us and not help us!! So I broke the wall and got my friends out because they were weak and I told them they better fly and I jumped out the broken was that I broke and they caught up and flew me down to safety and then we fled. That is all I remember.