Medea play, tsunami, 2012?

Date: 6/20/2017

By pheeniealexandra

So I was with some friends: Mariel, Alex, Cole, Merritt, Jessie, Charlie, Ally, and maybe a few others. We were somehow in a different time period, I at first thought it was the 1600s. I later found out it was 2012, but in Europe and also completely different than actual 2012. So we were along a little river with two boats. One was ours and could fit about eight and one Jessie stole from a nearby castle along the ocean. We were performing the play Medea. A Greek tragedy. Previously in my dream I had starred in a play with Chace Lewis as I think in high school musical. It was all very informal productions. Lines written on hands and general gists were how actors spoke. So Mariel and her friend Rachel took the boat out to follow the play of Medea (which is not actually how the real play is) and go to a desert and find food and water and then come back and get us. So they go off and we sit there and do nothing. A couple days later they finally come back and tell us about their adventures. We back on the river bank had been lowkey struggling to survive. So we all pile in the boat and head towards this castle a couple miles away. When we get to the harbor I notice how big the fish are in the water and how unafraid of humans they were. I mentioned it and it was partially because we were in the past and partially because in this universe people weren't overfishing. So we get off the boat and explore this area. There's a strange playground with weird things to do. Like a bouncy swing set but it was asymmetrical and the whole playground was on a steep hill. And the top of it had donation stuff and I wanted to read a magazine from the era I was in to try and figure it out. I saw a 90s looking advertisement with Zooey dashanel on it and then I was dragged away. So we're standing on the end of this ocean on a rocky shore when suddenly there's an earthquake. I tell everyone to get in the water so we avoid rocks but then I realize they're definitely could be a tsunami. And as I thought that the water started receding a lot. Heidi and someone else got into this special pose where you sit on the ground and hold hands across from one another. I dragged ally into the castle, the first floor was old stables and servant rooms. I was trying to find some sturdy stone so it could withstand the tsunami. I still hadn't found a perfect spot when it hit. For a second I thought I was going to drown in there, I could hear the water hit, it was close. I desperately made one last left through a small door and found I was standing along the ocean, my friends across this little bay area about a couple hundred feet away. And the water was back at normal level and everyone was fine. Ally and I start to walk over and give up and dive in in our clothes to get to them. Cole is talking about how he just got accepted to a Michigan state Harry Potter summer program but he would have to get 40 minutes outside of it to pass. I encouraged him to take it. So we all meet back at the boat, Jessie is apparently so burnt from the sun he can't breathe. So we lost a few, they were in the castle resting. So we started driving the boat back to our initial spot. Cold drove, fast and slightly irradically. We had to make sure to follow the rules enough though because as being from the future and a different dimension we couldn't get caught. There were lots of boats all over the ocean and I saw two kids riding on water proof hover boards it was very cool. That's when I asked what year it was and someone said 2012. And we got back to the dock and I woke up.