danger and near death

Date: 11/24/2019

By rembrandt

had a dream that i was going to die. i got infected or poisoned by something. maybe it was a curse. my bottom right abdomen was vibrating, and protruding. it hurt, i could viscerally feel the pain in my dream. no one was willing to take me to the ER because no one thought it was serious. they figured it would go away. for a while it was okay, but when i tried to dance it got worse and then i could barely move. ian, mom and dad all ignored me. i slept through the night and woke up and it was even more serious. i pleaded for my dad to take me to the ER, and that’s when i woke up. another place in my dream i was in mexico on the coast or something with kids. there was a swim business where the locals would take you in the ocean. i went and swam and we were surrounded by dangerous creatures, sharks jellyfish, etc. also dolphins and whales. the water was warm and i thought we’d get killed by the creatures, this business clearly did not have any safety regulations. the group of kids i was with was freaking out so we had to get out. there was a pool area where a bunch of hicks were sitting around. there was sharks and stuff in there too, and someone had thrown two kids in there. they were swimming for their lives trying to get out, while the crowd was whistling and hollering. later i asked the people running the business what country i was in, i think i offended them. i also overheard them talking about their business scheme.