Public Restroom Adventure

Date: 6/15/2017

By drunchee

I'm at the old gradeschool, and all the students are having a lock in, where we spend the night. While in my "dorm", Mara sends me a pic of her in some kinda half see through shirt so instantly I'm aroused. I'm in a room with some boys, including Garrett I think. We're watching/playing something on a TV. Maybe Adventure Time? Idk. The room is like Aunt Jean's upstairs. Anyhow, I have to use the restroom, so I leave the dorm and go downstairs. Our gradeschool has a restroom that is downstairs and is sorta dingy, it's in the basement along with these three classrooms. Im going to the restroom and on the way down the hall I see Mara in her hot outfit but in the lighting I can't see her boobs. We talk and then split because she's going to the gals bathroom. I have a newspaper or magazine on me that has nudes of a Pornstar, Teeana Trump, on it. In the restroom are a bunch of older men, all fat and muscular like construction workers or something. Suddenly, Teeana Trump comes into the restroom! I crumble up my paper and enter a stall. I'm the only one actually inside a stall, and all the men, and Blake, and Teeana, are standing, either using a toilet by peeing in it or just talking. My stall door is so low that people can see my head. I'm so embarrassed. I hate Teeana Trump now.