Drive in movies and Getting fired

Date: 3/14/2019

By neffm1

I was at a drive in movie theatre for a work event and all the people there were from work. My boss was speaking out loud to the whole place and said something that pushed my Buttons so I went off in front of everyone, told my boss off and then got in my car and left, and headed to a movie that I had previously pre brought movie tickets for, ran into my sister along the way and told her that I was probably Going to be fired from My Job the next day because I told my boss to shut the fuck up. I was also running super late to the movie that I had pre bought tickets for. *today in real life, I had to fire my designer at work, which I think resulted in this dream somehow. I also saw a post about the drive in movie theatre right before I went to bed and thought about how much I wanted to go.