Past self

Date: 8/25/2017

By Drake

I met my past self and went through different events that supposedly happened in my life, with a guest appearance of the camping trailer. The child that was supposed to be me was an actor and I knew that, but at the same time it wasn't. At a campground I went into the camper with the kid-which was a part of a memory- and mom was there but couldn't see me. At one point we were in some place to get food, and Garrick was there, and I was talking to me. I was probably 7 or 8, I noticed how light my voice was and I had long hair. While at the restaurant I asked at the counter for a menu, and the woman seemed like it was hassle to get me one because they were at all the tables. The lighting of the place was overwhelmingly futuristic/ tron-y; a dark blue electric feeling. At one point I was trying to teach myself a lesson, and the younger version was driving the trailblazer so I made it flip and crash, and everyone was fine. Garrick was somehow in the car too. Later I was in some sort of very tall hotel, and my room was on the fourth floor. I remember walking outside of it, it being very dark, and a sense that I was with marco. Once I went into an elevator then went out through the other side of it into some place that I shouldn't have been. Also, there were maids or something that helped me with the elevator but they put me on the 40-something floor, where there was a movie theater and I had to walk down the stairs to leave the room. Mom dad and cliff were in there. There was one moment where a woman was trying to leave the elevator but couldn't and almost got caught by the door, but it wasn't very serious because people chuckled as though she had almost tripped over something.