The Red Princess and the Waterfall

Date: 3/19/2017

By AName

It was a class activity with some other people. The one next to me was what my heart wanted. She had red-brown hair and she was part royalty of the country we were visiting. I remember that we were in a different country from my home one. After the activity, my class went home. Something drew me to her home so I walked across the stretch of land that lay between us. She only spoke part English but it didn't really matter to the dream me. A skip forward in time brought me to a scene where I was asking her if I should go to college. I still loved her just as passionately as before, except, I could feel love from her too. She said that I should so I set off in one of my friend's car to travel to my Gran's place. Apparently my Gran had a shed I could rent out while I was in college. There was one stop on the journey, a house with three floors and seven kids. Me and a couple friends stayed there for a bite and discussed the colleague applications that we were going to fill out. I remember thinking about what schools they were applying to so that I could also apply to them. Then I got in a bus, there was no driver. I was scared for my life and called out to the person in front of me. He shouted back to me and took the wheel just as the bus went flying down a cliff. Amazingly, we landed safely at the bottom of a waterfall. He gave us all pickaxes and we climbed back up. Right after we got on the bus and started moving, I saw my friend's bus go the same way we did: down the waterfall. I quickly texted her, my vision blurry for some reason. (Maybe my glasses fell off?) "Are you okay" I managed to text. "I'm okay" she replied. "It's just an event planned by (my friend who always manages to plan amazing things)." She reassured. Then I woke up, slightly disappointed that my dream wasn't real.