Date: 4/1/2017

By wyrd-ghost

I was in a society where we had no free will or truth and the government was extremely harsh and would kill you if you even spoke against it, so i snuck out to go to this old place the city used to be when we had freedom and truth and the government was after me and i was trying to get these burgundy pearls for some reason so when i found them i put them inside a fake tampon and inserted it then they found me and I had to run and i forgot a lot what happened but at the end the media found out this was happening and flooded the area and it was like by pools and i asked where they we were recording and they were by the hot tub so i ran out there and stuck my fist up and yelled viva la revolution and then later punched the guy leader and slapped the lady leader and was like "i cannot believe you would lower yourself to this"