Prison Hell

Date: 2/7/2019

By LN8uNXBgjlybsPBxClkY9c1tK

I'm in a very rough, state prison, in 1970. Its evening and the new inmates are all getting ready to be jumped in. The initiation is ruthless. It's staged in the common room, on the third floor, of the violent offenders cell block. About 12 new imates all must fight all off the roughly 45 veteran inmates at the same time. The rule is to get to the stairwell in the far corner of the large room, without being horribly maimed, crippled, knocked out or killed. Any one who successfully makes it inside the stairwell will be spared. This is really do or die. Many of the old school inmates are fastening 2x4 blocks wrapped in thin sheet metal to their shoes, so that they can deal bone-shatteringly incapacitating damage to the fallen. Some have shanks, pipes or chains. Both sides are getting pumped the fuck up. Everything's about to explode and Holy Shit!!! Then the dream jyst cuts to a new scene - Outside its a sunny day in the prison yard. The U.S. Army has come by to recruit those inmates deemed worthy to become soldiers for the Vietnam War. Almost all of the prisoners desperately scramble into line to sign up, because even THAT seems like a better option than this incarcerated nightmare. The recruiting officers have a large hose hooked up to a truck. They are providing a free, delousing service and spraying down the thankfull crowd of inmates with clouds of D.D.T. .. Then I wake up.